“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”



Define feminism

Are you still feminist?

-Define  feminism… :))

3 years ago, my answer would be so different…

 Nowadays I can strongly affirm that growing up in 2 different countries helped me become the noisy, impetuos and rude feminist I was.

By that time, I wasn’t aware of how all my friends and people I knew, were defending feminism by trying to decrease the masculine power in every single aspect. It doesn’t make sense, right? We are seeking to restore the balance within the human race but we act against it. 

We waste our time with movements against each other and in that process we forget about discovering ourselves.

Of course, now I have people shouting at me:

-I don’t care, men have been in power for thousand of years, smart girl.

-No love, they’ve been STRIPPING power from women for thousand of years. 

There is a massive difference between gaining power in and of yourself and stripping power from others. You’re not powerful because someone else is weak. 

When you strip power from someone else by brute force or by manipulative subjugation, you don’t  increase your power at all. Your power remains at the same level while you decrease the power of another. 

 Since the 1960’s, with anger and revenge,  we have tried to take our power back by demasculinizing them.  

I’m not gonna deny that the  male chauvinism still exist but on the other side, we have a high percentage  of men who are afraid to come into their power because they are sorry for what men have done to women in the past. Our western culture has stripped the masculinity out of them and they associate their masculine power as negative instead of positive.

I grew up surrounded by men and with the time, I started to resist my femininity because everything around me made me believe that it was better to be born a boy. 

The patriarchal society taughts you that there is shame in the functions of our female bodies and that certain unfortunate things that come along with being born a girl, must be accepted because they are “our cross to bear”. 

But I will not extend this aspect in this post.

Seeing men and women locked in a struggle against each other’s power, so determined to take it away from each other, makes me laugh.

You, as a men, try to take power away from women but you discover that you are not attracted by ignorant, weak and subjugated swans.

You, as a women, try to take power back from them but you discover  that you are  not attracted by demasculinized, confused and over grown children. 

Let’s be honest. We dislike weakness in each other and we all secretly love gender roles. 

They turn us on.

         Why we don’t  stop worrying about each other?

Women need to forget about what men are feeling or not feeling, doing or not doing and discover their own power as a women.

 Men need to forget about what women are feeling or not feeling, doing or not doing and discover their own power as a men.

                  Gender is inconsequential. 



I am surrounded by patterns of stupidity, baseness, absurd morality, ridiculous ethics …

I guess I crossed the line, that inexplicable line without return… where judging mediocrity doesn’t allow me to open other doors…



– Can I order some food, please?

-Of  course, if you don’t mind coming back in time 10 minutes because we have no buzzers left. 

-What, this is the second time I come and I want to order now. (She looks like she wants to kill me in the darkest possible ways) and my mood is not on zen.

Kill me or kill everyone around me. I admire my patience sometimes. Dealing with women like her makes me wonder who the hell  is able to stand them at home. 

It’s almost 4 o’clock and I can’t wait to finish my shift. Being in breakfast is not a pleasure. I greatly dislike to wake up early and have to smile to every single creature around me. The ‘soundtrack’ that captures  my morning mood is: DO NOT LOOK AT MEEEE! (Unless I slept 10 decent hours, had my smoothie and sang in the shower.) That would turn me into a peaceful happie hippie lady.

I am also surrounded by 50 Belgian guys, who decided to slurp the last barrel of Stella in 10 minutes. They know my name already, which is exasperating because I heard it today around 200 times. 

I work in a hostel.

I clock out, undo my hair and decide to go back home walking. Is actually quite nice weather today and I am so damn tired. I will probably end up talking with a glass of red wine. 

Ding Ding Ding…. WhatsApp decides to wake me up… 

-Remember you have a mother. One day you will know how it feels to be ignored by your daughter. 

Blah Blah Blah…. Mothers and dramas. Expecting something auspicious  from her it’s like expecting sunny days in England. 

-Too much work mum, I am tired. I will call you later. 

I throw the phone to the sofa and decide to hug my bed… and the wine.

  • Malbec, best flavour. I would change the colour though. Merlot color would suit it better. Don’t ask me about wines. With all the tastings I had at my previous job, I should have a master in wines but I have selective memory, sorry! 

Grab my phone again, Facebook (0 notifications). Doesn’t surprise me! I stopped being active long time ago and I don’t give a shit about other people’s life. Married, pregnant, new house, travelling, cinema, fancy dinner, etc. 

Damn boy, everyone has a life but not me. 

S.O.S. Facebook makes me feel miserable.

-Welcome to the reality girl. You don’t need Facebook. 

– Yes you do! You need a social life.

My two personalities start to argue again and I decide to analyse the stubborn spider that got lost on my window. 



Are you writing again?

-I always write…

I see you dressed with my deepest fears. Damn, you know how to wear them. Meanwhile, my darkness strive to draw you with the colors of summer. I told her you´re not for me… but she never listens. And when you´re next to me, the days become raindrops… and they touch you… and you scatter. Beautiful power.